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WWW2003, logged and blogged at - Budapest, Hungary - May 20-24 - Conference starts today with workshops and tutorials

At a glance conference schedule

edd: Helpful to plan the week's attendance.

Researchers Develop Techniques for Computing Google-Style Web Rankings Up to Five Times Faster

dajobe: paper to be presented at WWW2003
dajobe: yes, this was on slashdot earlier
dajobe: Sepandar D. Kamvar, Taher H. Haveliwala, Christopher D. Manning, and Gene H. Golub, "Extrapolation Methods for Accelerating PageRank Computations.

Werner Vogel - promises to blog from WWW2003

dajobe: with a little Don Box FUD just for fun

W3C readies new tech patent policy (ComputerWorld)

dajobe: via slashdot

SWAP schema - uses reification

Semantic Web and Peer-to-Peer

Material for TF1: Semantic Web Tutorial Using N3

Today's programme

edd: Tutorials
edd: Workshops
WWW2003 community coverage

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