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WWW2003, logged and blogged at - Budapest, Hungary - May 20-24 - First day of main conference - Keynotes

DanC's public key

Technical Architecture Group Update

DanC: presented by Paul Cotton

W3C track at WWW2003

SemTag site

Terrorism Information Awareness (TIA) System

Google myths

mattb: He thought meta data was fairly useless. Users don't enter it. He thought the semantic web project would fail. He said users around the globe will not work to enter descriptive data of any kind when there is no user benefit.

The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe Without Design

DanC: by Richard Dawkins
DanC: buy it at amazon and DanC gets a kickback :)
danbri: No design but _lots_ of testing... :)
DanC: ironic... I've been reading a lot about intelligent design; how evidence in cosomology reveals a universe with design
danbri: Interesting... would be fun to follow this up in #rdfig sometime

Jane Hunter on SemWeb panel, just now.

Repeat of Jim Hendler's slide

Semantic Web: SciAm article considered harmful - panel session

edd: Jim Hendler's slide
edd: participant list
danbri: R.V.Guha talking on SW adoption in panel session.
danbri: depiction of semweb panel during q'n'a.

toward WWW2003 conference proceedings in RDF calednar

DanC: libby's not proud of it, but I convinced her to share it

Benjamin Grosof (location of slides to come)

sandro: slides for Descriptive Logic Programming to appear

Edd's collected reportage from day one

High Level Overview of W3C Technologies, Ivan Herman (W3C).

W3C: Introduction, Process, Accomplishments, Steve Bratt

danbri: (just finished)

RDF Query Testing BOF, thursday 12.30 - 14:00

danbri: I've not checked out the room etc yet (Brahms) or found BOF signup sheets.

Model-theoretic Semantics for the Web

Semantic Web Application Integration: Travel Tools

Tim Berners-Lee keynote

edd: Start of notes on the talk


mattb: musical opening keynote

Schedule for today (Wednesday)

W3C Announces (Royalty Free) Patent Policy

dajobe: press release announcement
WWW2003 community coverage

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