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WWW2003, logged and blogged at - Budapest, Hungary - May 20-24 - Second day of main conference

Globalities, Spatialities and IT Strategies: New Web Politics and Social Development

edd: Pál Tamás
edd: second plenary presentation today

The New Computing

edd: HCI Lab, University of Maryland

maxf: Schneiderman's Photofinder

Fractal nature of the web

Jhendler: Shneiderman talk is similar to some ideas that Tim has re: communities on the web
DanC: now spell-checked. nice fonts on linux make typos look so much more out of place ;-)
DanC: I showed this to somebody who picked this point up from timbl's talk and wanted to read more


edd: visual data exploration tool demo'd by Schneiderman in his talk

Leonardo's Laptop: Human Needs and the New Computing Technologies

edd: Ben Shneiderman.
edd: First afternoon plenary session today.
edd: Ben Shneiderman's home page
edd: His book, Leonardo's Laptop.
edd: "The old computing was about what computers could do; the new computing is about what users can do."
bijan: Er..isn't this what, oh, Alan Kay et al at PARC were all about in the 1970s?
DanC: "rapidly, incrementally, reversibly" <- principles of direct manipulation


DanC: participants introducing themselves (EricP taking notes)
dajobe: chat transcript (partial)

Internationalization and Web Services

edd: There are a lot of potential problems with web services and I18N. I personally doubt that people will bother to properly internationalize their web services in the vast majority of cases.
edd: Maybe folk like Amazon will -- but they're the atypical use case. I don't even know how far large EAI systems go with I18N -- anyone any idea?
edd: by Martin Dürst

day 1 of www2003 blogged by Werner Vogels

Social Meaning of RDF

DanC: perhaps get together to continue formal meaning meets social context discussion in Cambridge in March?
DanC: hmm... I've been noodling on indexical entailment, using "the web" as the essential indexical, in the sense of Guha's thesis

SOAP 1.2

edd: by Yves Lafon

Web services architecture

edd: by Hugo Haas.
edd: An excellent presentation setting the scene for web services.
edd: Touches on the relationship between web services and REST.

sites near 47.51, 19.08, and within 40 miles

DanC: i.e. Budapest, Hungary

XML Security: XML Signature; XML Encryption; XKMS

edd: by Joseph Reagle, presented by Ralph Swick

DOM Level 3

edd: by Philippe Le Hégaret

W3C track programme

edd: Handy links to slides

Liam Quin -- XQuery

XML Core Specifications

edd: by C.M. Sperberg-McQueen

W3C Adopts Patent Policy (InternetNews)

WWW2003 Day 2 Schedule - Thursday 22 May

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