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WWW2003, logged and blogged at - Budapest, Hungary - May 20-24 - Third day of main conference

Bowtie theory

mattb: categorising types of linkage across the web

Semantic Web developer day track revised

mattb: some cancellations, some new talks

my notes on www2003 day 2

Support Vector Machine algorithm

mattb: cited several times in data mining talks this morning
mattb: The algorithm addresses the general problem of learning to discriminate between positive and negative members of a given class of n-dimensional vectors

W3C Multimodal Interaction Activity

edd: by Max Froumentin
edd: some amazingly interesting work going on here, which I admit I don't pay a lot of attention to.
edd: wonder how I can get a grip on this, find a good way for to start covering it?
edd: where online does the user community for this stuff live?
edd: EMMA, RDF dependence

VoiceXML and the Web

edd: by Dave Raggett
edd: a good presentation

from Peter Dolog presentation in edu strand

xlinkit constraint language

Carole Goble's Semantic Grid Presentation

Jhendler: presented at International Workshop on Semantic Web Foundations and Application Technologies
Jhendler: March 2003

The semantic Grid Website

Jhendler: Semantic Grid community portal

Semantics in peer to peer and grid computing

Jhendler: workshop at WWW2003, grid/SW convergenece

[SCL] Approach to a concrete syntax

DanC: in which Altheim and Hayes go over XML markup and semantics
DanC: one message in a large thread, actually.

Agent research at IAM at the University fo Southampton

CS AKTiveSpace live demo

nmg: works in Mozilla, be gentle with it... :)
nmg: paper submitted to ISWC at

nmg: AKT - Advanced Knowledge Technologies

Hypertext 97

nmg: held at the same time as WWW6, with keynote by Ted Nelson

W3 Future Directions

DanC: timbl's talk at the 1st WWW conference in '94
DanC: including a slide "The Need for Semantics in the Web"

Microcosm-related publications

Missing Links; speaker: Wendy Hall

DanC: presented friday morning at WWW2003
DanC: mentions ECHT '90, about which timbl made some notes
DanC: aha... Wendy met TimBL at ECHT '90

Further information about the Mountbatten archive

Further information about the BBC Hyperland documentary

DanC: Douglas Adams and Tom Baker appeared in the video clip Wendy Hall showed Friday morning
nmg: Ted Nelson also appears

WWW2003 Schedule Friday 23 May

WWW2003 community coverage

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