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WWW2003, logged and blogged at - Budapest, Hungary - May 20-24 - Developers Day

IsaViz home page

mattb: gss and glyphs in the manual

IsaViz slides - Emmanuel Pietriga (SVG)

Graph Stylesheets (GSS) in IsaViz


AndyS: A paper by Alex Barnell

Joseki server for publishing RDF models, Andy Seaborne

DanC: presentation slide "example: meeting assitant" slide has an email adapter bubble. I wrote one of those:


AndyS: Download page
AndyS: Release due 1 June 2003
AndyS: Documents

KArlsruhe ONtology Management Tool Suite

DanC: presentation (now) at devday
DanC: source code available; LGPL


edd: "it is a semantic web project; it provides a scheme for semantic web identification of places via unique uris"

Matt Biddulph slides

edd: matt's demos

A Semantic Web Shoebox

dajobe: Matt Biddulph

Another asemantics demo

AndyS: Map of conference with overlay information
libby: neato, he's using the rdf cal stuff

Keynote slide maker

Jhendler: for Apple incl. OS X
Jhendler: no endorsement intended - but it looks way cool!

two RdQL application cases

DanC: presented by Alberto Reggiori, @semantics
dajobe: from @semantics
DanC: more notes
dajobe: demo 1 ISC
dajobe: demo 2 ISC blue
alberto: demo3 - Last Minute News (LMN)
dajobe: RDQL demo
dajobe: the code
AndyS: asemantics download page
alberto: RDQL for real HTML slides from this morning preso

W3C Translations listed by Languages and Technologies

Semantic Web Applications at W3C

yod: by Dominique Hazael-Massieux
DanC: wow... time flies when you're having fun hacking... original project description for TR automation (member-only; maybe I'll forward to www-archive) dates from Oct 2001.

SHOP, a good, general planner used for this SciAm demo

The work Guha is presenting; ("get it and help us improve it")

TAP's use of SOAP: HTTP GET or PUT?

DanC: Dan Brickley (Tue, Jan 28 2003)
DanC: McCool said something about their queries not fitting in the p1=v1&p2=v2 syntax; I didn't get around to replying, but there's no reason to constrain yourself to that syntax

Updates SW DevDay schedule, with morning changes

WWW2003 community coverage

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